In the spring, at the time when kings go off to war, David sent Joab out with the king’s men and the whole Israelite army. . . . But David remained in Jerusalem. 2 Samuel 11:1

Remember one serious lesson in life: small seeds of sin lead to big sins. From the life of David we can see how his sin started and grew.
David was a successful king. From His position he brought God glory, and he provided security, power, and prosperity to the people of Israel. But he was human and he got tired. For fifteen years he had fought Israel’s enemies. Before that, he killed Goliath and went on the run from Saul for years. Living and sleeping in camps and caves took its toll on David.
When the time came for another war campaign, at this point in his life David decided to stay home. Instead of being a “hands-on” king, he determined that he needed a break. Instead of leading his troops, he sent someone else to do it. He ducked his duty.
In David’s defense, being king was an enormous responsibility. He made the tough decisions, dealt with the military egos, comforted families of fallen warriors, and still functioned as king over the kingdom. Maybe David felt he was entitled to perks others wouldn’t understand.
In His mind he could justify it, he was king! He deserved a break! No one had a clue what a tough thing it was to be king! What we often overlook is the fact that it is these kinds of thoughts that set people up for sin.
Do we do the same thing? Justify. Get lacks. Taking a break. Hear this! Taking a break is fine, but shirking our duty is not. As Christians, kingdom workers, do we ever blow off a Sunday, feeling we’ve done enough for a while? We think everyone else gets a break, I’ve paid my dues, now it is my turn– I’m not teaching this year, or serving on that board or leading that group– I need time for me. Are we coupling self-pity with laziness? Sin is never an only child. Sins are twins. Small sins of our attitude lead to larger sins of action. A little bit of wrong sinful attitude plants the seed for greater sins to grow. It’s only a short hop from God’s will to self-will and sin.
Beware of small sins that lead to bigger ones. What are the little seeds of sin in your heart? What will you do to keep the devil from nurturing them into even bigger sins? Pray about it and take action before it’s to late.
In His Service,
Eric Barnes