And remember, no one who wants to do wrong should ever say, “God is tempting me.” God is never tempted to do wrong, and he never tempts anyone else either. Temptation comes from the lure of our own evil desires. James 1:13-14

Adam blamed God, in the Garden, when asked if He had eaten the fruit He was not supposed to take. His answer “it was the woman you gave me” placing the blame back on God. We too have a tendency to justify and shift blame to others or God for our sin.
In areas where we’re weak, we look for any excuse to justify what we have already chosen in our hearts to do. Take sexual sin, for example. We blame God for creating us with strong sexual desire, and we rationalize abnormal/deviant sexual behavior by accusing God for “making us this way.” We argue, “Why am I accountable for acting according to the way God made me?”
That argument may sound logical and many of life’s circumstances are beyond our control. We never chose our parents, the color of our skin, our neighborhoods and some might try to argue even our sexual orientation. Many homosexuals feel they were born the way they are. Even if these arguments were true, does this cancel our freedom of choice, and as a result, terminate all personal responsibility? Are we just characters following a predetermined script and not accountable for our actions? If these arguments are true, then why are there prisons? Why did we have to put a stop to a man like Hitler? Jeffrey Dahmer was just born that way. They were all God’s fault, right?
We must never be deceived into believing that because we were born with strong desires in any area that God is to blame for our sin. When we blame God, we’re using Him as an excuse for abnormal and sinful behavior that our own sinful natures desire. The truth is we have a sin nature and we have strong natural desires that tempt us, but we also have a stronger God who created us for good. He never tempts us, and the Word clearly tells us “He will never let us be tempted more than we can bear and that He always provides a way out (escape route) from our sinful temptation” Amazing! Even when our desires are enticing us to do wrong, God is working in us and for us to provide a way to do what is right and good.
All things from God are good. If we abuse God’s gifts to us, He is not responsible for our sin, just as the maker of matches is not responsible for the arsonist crime. We all have the freedom to choose. The choice is always between our natural desires or God’s Holy standard of what is right. We all are responsible for our choices before God. We cannot pervert good, do evil, and blame God for our sinful actions. We must understand this, so we don’t make excuses for our behavior by blaming God. Instead let us come into agreement with God (confess) over our sin and repent (turn in heart and action) of our sinful desire. Let us choose to honor God with the life and gifts He has given us!
In His Service
Eric Barnes