The Importance of Meditating on God’s Faithfulness

The Bible is so important to me because it is God’s history with man, it is the story line of His faithfulness. I believe reading the Bible, knowing its contents, is so important not only to know the truth in general and the gospel, how we can be back in relationship with Him not only eternally but now. However, for me as important as those things are I treasure the Bible in this life because it keeps me from fear and worry. For me, knowing God’s faithfulness lets me live without fear.
We can Pray to Him in the midst of our troubles and not hide our requests from Him. He will not hide His face from us, but instead He will incline His ear to our prayers. He will answer us speedily for those things He has already promised in His holy Scriptures.
This is why we should read and meditate on His faithfulness, to let it increase our faith for !mes of hardship. By His own love, He has determined to save us. He will not relent until He has given us peace. But before He give us peace, first we must yearn to increase in knowledge and understanding of Him. He will allow the hardness of our circumstances to teach us to have a steadfast heart. We will learn to praise Him in the darkest moments, and we will find strength in His presence.
This only happens when we let our soul be quieted within Him, learning to place our lives in the power of His hands. Our job is to learn to trust and worship Him for His power and grace and then our spirit will be steadied with His strength and happiness. Meditate on His faithfulness today!
In His Service,
Eric Barnes