We never know how God will use us!

After the fall of communism in Russia one American missionary team spread out across a Russian city to pray for the people’s hearts to be receptive to the Gospel of Jesus. One of the men was noticed in the city park by a Russian man who asked, “Are you from God?”
As they talked, the Russian man wanted to help so he asked if the team wanted some Russian Bibles. He led the way to a building just a few blocks away and introduced the Americans to the head of the KGB, who opened a large warehouse for them containing Bibles they had confiscated over the last 70yrs. They were now given permission to give these Bibles to the people. The overjoyed team quickly started to pass the Bibles out on the street corners all over the city and within a few hours all the Bibles had been handed out.
As the crowds dispersed, the Americans saw the Russian man that had originally helped them sitting on the curb with tears running down his cheeks. When they approached him, he pointed to the inside cover of the Bible that had been given to him and said, “This is my grandmother’s Bible! 20 years ago when I was in the Communist Youth Corps, she told me that Communism would not last but God’s Word would and the only answer for my life was Christ Jesus. I laughed at her and turned her in to the authorities. She was harassed and her things were confiscated. She died several years ago and I never forgot her words. Today I know there is a God and He is confirming the truth of her words to me. For only He could have made certain I received her Bible. Please tell me how can I know this Jesus!”
Hebrew 2 starts by letting us know God has always been revealing Himself to people in many ways throughout history. He has used angels, miracles, prophets, His Son and His Word to reveal Himself. You never know, He may want to use you to reveal Himself miraculously to someone. This is one of the things that make the Christian life so exciting. We never know when or where or to whom God might use us next. So just stay studied up, prayed up, and opened up to the move of God—be ready today may be that next opportunity.
In His Service,
Eric Barnes