We take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ. 2 Cor. 10:5

Last night at church we had a great time with a Christian evangelist/magician/ mentalist. If you weren’t here that may sound confusing or odd, so let me explain. We had a Christian man come to the church to use magic, comedy, and questions to trick the mind. He used these tricks to bring about moments where he could share truths about Christ And help us make right choices for our lives. Now I say this to let you know there is an enemy out there who uses circumstances and situations to trick our minds, however his desire is to get us to believe lies and make wrong choices with the intent of ruining our lives.
God has a word for us in this battle. Jesus said you should not only worship God with all your heart, but that you should worship him with your whole mind (Matt. 22:37). But how can you do that if your mind’s running all over the place? You have to gather your thoughts. You have to capture them and make them obedient to Christ. The Greek word for captive in this verse means “to take prisoner”.
Would you say your thoughts are under control or are they untamed? Is your mind used to glorify God with right thoughts or does it run free in the gutter of life? If you know God says forgive others, when someone wrongs you, does your mind tell you to comply with God or does it run with one hundred ways to pay them back?
No matter what king or imagination you were born with or how creative you might be that still gives you no free pass to let your mind be an amusement park for the devil. We are told to control our thoughts, and we can through the power of the Holy Spirit— but we need to be aggressive.
Learn the practice of taking your thoughts captive, drag them into the light of God’s Word, and only allow those thoughts that would glorify God to live—Be done with anything that is not of God!
In His Service,
Eric Barnes